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Why Contact Lenses?

  • Freedom from glasses

  • Sports - they can be a more practical solution to improve sight and allow quicker reactions while playing.

  • Cosmetic appearance - allows you to have the comfort of clearer vision without the feeling of something directly on your skin.

  • Unrestricted vision – they provide all-round vision without the restriction of a pair of glasses.

  • Convenience – Life can be made simpler without the need to look for the correct glasses.

  • Alternative to glasses – they offer a part-time alternative to wearing glasses for a change.

Our free contact lens trial:

Most people find contact lenses very comfortable. During our free trial we teach you how to handle lenses (and clean them unless they’re daily disposable). By putting a lens in your eyes, you have the opportunity of judging both the vision and the comfort. We then give you free lenses and solutions to use away from the practice. We usually recommend another aftercare a week after to help you achieve optimum comfort and vision. Following that we tailor the visits over however much time you need to decide whether or not you like them. Further lens types/ powers can also be given to you over this time. There is no obligation to purchase any lenses while you’re on trial and these return trial aftercare visits cost just £5.

Full support comes as standard:

For as long as you’re a patient of ours, you have access to our full support. This service includes being able to speak to one of our opticians outside normal working hours (24hrs) to get help and advice if you ever need it.

Contact Lens Care

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