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Child having an eye examination



Children’s vision is precious and our opticians are happy to examine children of ANY age. The tests are often done in a different way to an adult test so don’t worry if, e.g. they don’t know the names of any letters, it is still well worth bringing them. There’s even an assessment that can be made on a baby’s vision using a preferential looking test where we simply observe their direction of gaze when presenting them with images of different intensity.


You can book your child in for a test at any time if either they are due (been reminded following a previous test), if it’s their first test or if you have any concerns about their vision. It is a good idea for children to start having tests before they start school at the latest.

Our optometrist will routinely assess the alignment of their eyes, measure the prescription to see whether glasses are needed and check the health of the eyes. The whole test is designed around the individual child and every effort is made to get the best result in a relaxed/ fun environment. All results are explained as the test progresses.

A happy lady having an eye examination


We stock a range of quality eyewear that is designed especially for children and teens. Including different styles and types for all different budgets, we have glasses for every preference and personality. All of our frames use strong, lightweight materials so children can enjoy excellent vision in comfort.  


New advances in lens technology mean that controlling and managing myopia is becoming much easier and more effective. We offer MiyoSmart spectacle lenses for myopia management that have been clinically proven to slow down the progression of myopia while correcting their vision as well. 


Myopia is another term for shortsightedness and refers to a type of eyesight that makes it difficult to see objects in the distance. For children, this can mean a blurry blackboard as well as other symptoms like headaches and eye strain. Myopia today is incredibly widespread so making sure it is diagnosed and managed quickly and effectively is vital to safeguarding their education and development.  

We offer contact lenses and spectacle lenses specially designed to slow the progression of myopia in children. 

Smiling girl wearing glasses
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