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Professional Contact Lens Care Prices & Schemes

You can either pay for Eye Exams (currently £25) or Contact Lens Aftercares (currently £30) as you attend or join one of our monthly direct debit schemes to spread the cost and allow you as many appointments as you need (with no NHS restrictions or additional fees).

Eye Exams:

Eye Exams are available whenever needed, whether recommended by your Optometrist or even if you just have concerns or questions. You may also choose to have another test just before ordering some new glasses.

Do you wear glasses?

What about a LOYALTY discount for each and every pair you buy – not just when there’s a sale on, or from a restricted range or old stock, or on just one pair a year!

Glasses Discounts:

You can also choose to include a 25% discount off as many pairs of glasses as you'd like to purchase (providing they're made to your prescription); this included prescription sunglasses, second pairs and sports glasses.

Contact Lens Aftercare:

This covers all the ongoing appointments you need to assess the fit and condition of your contact lenses, the implications of contact lens wear on the health of your eye, and your contact lens prescription. If you ever need an alternative type of lens, your trials would be covered.

Total Eyecare all the time:

Let us look after your eyes, glasses and contact lenses with our schemes, covering all your Eye Examinations, contact lens aftercares, as well as giving you a discount on the purchase of any prescription glasses, at any time. We can tailor any scheme to meet your needs, whether you just want Eye Examinations, or you need it all!

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