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Adult's Eye Exams

You should allow about 45 minutes to get a thorough eye exam.

Tests are done to calculate how well the eyes work with each other in terms of their alignment and how they focus. Vision is measured with any existing glasses and compared to the best vision that you can achieve with any glasses.

We routinely measure the pressure of your eyes and this can now be done without the need for the "puff of air" test. You will also have your visual fields assessed, both tests help us make sure that you don't have Glaucoma.

All tests allow our Optometrists to inform you how best to care for the health of your eyes and advise you of all your options regarding glasses or contact lenses.

You can either pay for Eye Exams (currently £25) as you attend or join one of our monthly direct debit schemes to spread the cost and allow you as many appointments as you need (with no NHS restrictions or additional fees).

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