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Corporate Eyecare

We can tailor make a package just for your company.
VDU Testing and VDU Spectacles – on site or in practice.


Lifestyle 15VDU testing is in place to comply with the 1992 Health and Safety regulations which are in place for Display Screen Equipment.  This was put in place to help improve conditions for employees who work on VDU’s.  Under these regulations it is advised that staff receive a free eye examination at least every two years, (earlier if they experience any changes in vision or visual problems).  The regulations also recommend a contribution towards spectacle correction for VDU use from the employer.  We are able to carry out VDU screening on site or within the practice.

​Complete Eye Examinations

We are able to offer a full eye examination for yourself and your staff.  Eye examinations include screening for eye conditions, visual fields and pressure tests for glaucoma. We also check for Macula Degeneration, Glaucoma and several other eye diseases.  All of these results are then passed onto the Optometrist for them to analyse and discuss with you before carrying out a glasses prescription, eye movement and other eye health tests.

Safety Specs

We offer our own in house range of safety specs which we can supply with  single vision, bifocal or varifocal lenses.

We deal with most safety spectacle companies, e.g. Parmelee Safety, Bolle Safety and Uvex. Many employers have arrangements with such companies, if yours does then just call in with all your relevant paperwork. Obviously we can test your eyes or you can bring us a copy of you latest prescription from any other optician and we will place the order for your glasses.

We also accept Edenred Eyecare Vouchers (available from many employers) which can be used towards the cost of your Eye Examinations and Spectacles.

If you require further information on what we can offer you or your staff please contact us.

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