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Children's Frames

Glasses for children are now seriously fashionable and we’re passionate about giving you the best possible choice. Children can choose from styles to suit all tastes including casual, funky, smart or sporty. Whenever your child needs new glasses, we think that you'll be happy with the range we have to offer as being an independent practice we can choose from a wide variety of manufacturers.

All children under 16 who need glasses are entitled to an NHS glasses voucher whenever their prescription changes. We offer free plastic lenses with this voucher (simply sign it when you visit the practice). All children are also entitled to a repair voucher, which (if their frame is ever lost or damaged and unrepairable) gives them the same NHS glasses voucher so they can replace them.

For the best possible vision, we recommend an anti-glare coating. Everyone (including children) encounter glare every day; from computer screens, TV, overhead lighting, whiteboards, and projectors. This glare causes stray reflections to enter the eye which can reduce the quality of the vision. Ask us about upgrading your child’s lenses to our anti-reflection lenses.

We understand that many parents prefer not to buy frames for their children especially if they don’t expect them to be taken care of. At Kimberley Opticians we offer a range of frames free (with your NHS voucher), simply ask us for details.

You also have the option to upgrade your child’s frame and we discount any frame by £30 (when you're using an NHS voucher) if you chose this option. This means that effectively the cost of these frames would then start from just £10.

We offer a wide selection of frames for young boys and girls as well as a range for teenagers. For more information please call in or contact us to see them.

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